GNOME Photo Printer

GNOME Photo Printer (16.08.2008)

GNOME Photo Printer is intended for printing photos in an easy way. Just drag your Photos from Nautilus to the GNOME Photo Printer window and drop it. Make some selections like Photo or Paper size, hit Preview or Print , and see your pictures printed.

Click on the image to see screenshot in full size:

Screenshot of GNOME Photo Printer
Screenshot of GNOME Photo Printer

The Package is located here. (Version 0.7.0)
A SUSE 10 Package is located here. (Version 0.6.6, Thanks to Stephan Flor.)

You can also find GNOME Photo Printer in almost any distribution repository.

– libgnomeui
– libgnomeprint/ui
– libglade

If you find a Bug or if you have any suggestions about GNOME Photo Printer just mail me.

4 Comments on “GNOME Photo Printer

  1. I keep my printer default set to grayscale, draft mode, to save on ink. When I want to print in color I change it in the printer setup dialog for that job. This permits color as required but leaves the grayscale as the default. With GNOME Photo Printer I see no way to accomplish this other than changing the default, which is not something that I want to do.

  2. Dear Developer,

    I’m a developer, who maintains several packages in an educational linux distribution. We loved your app so much, that we created hungarian translation for it. We fixed some minor issues too. I’d like to send our patch to you. Can you contact me please?


  3. very easy to build a pdf from 9 jpg (in 5 x 7 cm),
    but it last a long time to sent pdf by mail; it’ s heavy too;
    does it exist a lighter format to be created by gpp ?

    thank you

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