Symmetric Power Supply

Today,  I have finished my project, regarding a symmetric power supply for my other projects.

Basically, it consists of a transformer in the right side of the picture. The transformer delivers 2×15 Volts with 1 Amp each. On the secondary sides are two symmetric power supply’s from Velleman (K8042) and one self built power supply including a Voltmeter based on an Atmega8. One Velleman ps is fixed to +/-15V, whereas the second ps is variable and controlled by the potentiometer on the front panel. Furthermore, in the middle of the picture are different power (fixed) supply’s with +/-5V and +3.3V and +2.5V. Again, the Atmega8 is used as a Voltmeter to measure the  output from the variable symmetric power supply. This is done via a resistor voltage divider.

Power supply top view.
Power supply top view.

The second picture shows the front view of the power supply. Here, a comparison between the internal Voltmeter and an external one is made. As one can see, there is a slight difference between both, but for me, it still is enough, not to always use the external Voltmeter.

Still the labels for the individual outputs are missing.

Power supply front view.
Power supply front view.

If there are any questions, or if you need some more details, please, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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