In the process to learn JavaScript and, of course, to develop something “useful” I wrote a little program which draws the famous Ulam spiral (see Wikipedia for the description). The code can be found here,  in the Projects section. Maybe, someone would find it useful. Download the code here: ulam.

The Ulam spiral with 400 by 400 pixesl.

The Ulam spiral with 400 by 400 pixesl.

I found a little bug in alphadin.bst. If you use the multibib package in LaTeX in combination with the alphadin.bst bibliography style, it can happen that the “\etalchar” command will be defined twice. This will eventually stop the LaTeX interpreter with an error like this:

LaTeX Error: Command \etalchar already defined.

A simple solution is to edit the alphadin.bst file, locate (under FUNCTION {begin.bib} ) and replace




Sure, I wanted to report that bug but it is not obvious where to report?

There are some updates to the Projects area. I have included some (not all) electronic projects, which I have created over the last years. Most of the ideas for the different schematics where collected from the net. The PCBs where created utilizing the direct toner method. All schematics and PCBs where created with Kicad.

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I did a really stupid thing.

Never ever mount your (web)server with root permissions under nautilus (with SSH) in your local home directory and chmod at the same time recursively your home.

Guess what happens?! It will automatically chmod all your files on your (web)server too! Remember being root there.

So, to make a long story short: I had to reinstall the whole thing after the nice people from did a fresh install of the virtual server. Luckily i could backup all the important data like the mysql-database or the emails. Maybe this is a good chance to try a different web-server, like cherokee? Lets see, if i can get everything back running as it was before.


today i needed to re-install syscp, since it got lost from the last upgrade. By doing so, courier and postfix also got removed and instead dovecot was installes. Dovecot additionally fixed my login problems which i had with courier-imap and german umlauts. It also seems to be faster and lighter then courer?